How to Use GB WhatsApp Without a Phone Number

Doing this wikiHow teaches you in what way to use a duplicate phone number to precursor up for GB WhatsApp. The fake phone figure that you’ll use is literally obtained through Google Voice, which is a free of cost anonymous texting and getting in contact with service. Unfortunately, you is designed to need to use a new good actual phone numberbe this method yours or someone else’sin order to sign to the top level for Google Voice. To that end you will need short-run access to a number to create a nice Google Voice account doing order to sign in for GB WhatsApp without the need for your phone number. within your computer’s web browser.

This will open their Google Voice setup write-up if you’re logged inside a Google account. If you’re logged into a Bing account, enter your email address contact info and password before continuing. Skip this part if you already have some sort of Google Voice account.Search a location. Click the copy box in the core of the page, then type from a city name or the area code e.g., . An individual type, a dropdown choices with options will arrive below the text carton. Select a location. Click a city in currently the dropdown menu to have a preference for it as the spot for your Google Voice volume.Write

down your preferred numbers. You should see several phone numbers listed here; write down the 1 that you want to start using since you’ll need to understand it later when enrolling in GB WhatsApp.Enter your bricks-and-mortar phone number. In the writing field that appears in the the page, type in the phone number for a mobile phone that you can open.Click SEND CODE. It’s in the bottomright corner within the phone number window. A search engine Voice will send a complete verification text to your new phone. Retrieve your rules. Open your phone’s texting app, open the print from Google usually an absolute fivedigit number, and study the sixdigit code in your system of the text.

Google’s text will for instance something like ” is the Google Voice verification prefix.”Click CLAIM when prompted. This will confirm that you need to use the associated telephone number with your Google Singing voice account. Depending on your current phone number, you can’t see this option. If ever so, skip to the next stage. Open the Google Voice page. A person’s aren’t automatically taken on the Google Voice dashboard, click on Google Voice in some of the upperleft corner of your page.Click the “Messages” popular. It’s a speech bubble logo in the upperleft side of the dash board.